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Coral Eye is an outpost for marine studies and accommodation in Bangka Island. An easy atmosphere and warm, friendly service has been created to make you feel at home.

The project came to life in 2009 blossoming out of the dreams and passions of four young marine biologists. Their paths were unintentionally entwined under the Indonesian Sea and bonded by a love for nature.

Everything happened by chance, without a clear idea of what Coral Eye would become.

The original idea was to create a place where universities and students could exchange ideas and develop their projects. Since 2013, thanks to the construction potential and the management versatility, Coral Eye has opened the door to tourism.

Today, Coral Eye is a melting pot of passionate travelers, underwater photographers and marine biologists.

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the resort

the resort

Cover photo: Sara Croci

The idea of Coral Eye has its fundamentals in the desire to offer all guests simplicity that equals blissful comfort, creating a dynamic space where work, life and private space can merge into one experience.

Designed by Studio ARC.S the central structure was constructed to blend with its surroundings. It was build using craftsmanship of local artisans, employing local resources and adopting traditional building techniques in order to fit the specific requirements of a modern, state-of-the-art facility. 

The roof is made with bamboo and palm leafs, and its special cone shape allows warm air to escape upwards creating a conditioning system without the need of electricity.

The wooden first floor assures a barefoot luxury and the minimal furniture lends itself to a sense of less-is-more living.


Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

By choosing Coral Eye, guests support our island community and help us to preserve and protect the surrounding environment.




no-trash triangle initiative

While biodegradable plastic will play a role in the future, waters are already polluted with conventional plastic.

Our goal is create a program that gives islanders the opportunity for an income by selling waste and increasing the motivation for waste separation.

The initiative is powered by AQUEIS, a non-profit organization registered at Register Court Munich/Germany, VR no. 204126


save bangka

We are proud to be one of the founding members of BANGKA CONSERVATION FUND (BCF), created in order to fight illegal mining that has threatened Bangka since 2011. Back then the case seemed hopeless, but after long years of battle against corruption, we obtained the removal of the mine.

Each guest staying on Bangka is asked to donate 100.000 IDR (approximately 6€) to protect Bangka Island from the threat of mining and to help preserve the ecosystem.


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platform scholarship

Created by Coral Eye, it's our message to the young marine biologists: never stop studying!

We allocate part of the proceeds generated from tourism to support tropical marine environment studies, investing in students that we believe will make a mark in finding solutions to some of our planet's problems.

For more information about our scholarship program and to get an application form, please contact: