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Cover photo by Fabio Galbiati

Bangka Island, North Sulawesi is situated in the heart of the Coral Triangle and is renowned for its marine biodiversity.

The seascape encompasses several different habitats that support rare species such as the pygmy seahorse, leaf fish, frog fish, white and black tip reef sharks, nudibranchs, and dugongs.  


With more than 30 world-class dive sites, Bangka's archipelago offers several different diving spots, from richly-colonized volcanic pinnacles to sand slopes, mangroves and walls.

VOLCANIC SAND: These areas present a black sandy bottom with rocks completely covered by coral and colonized by a large number of different invertebrates and fish. It is very similar to the environment found in the Lembeh Straits. 

PINNACLES: Volcanic walls and pinnacles, completely covered by corals (in particular soft corals) make beautiful dive sites. These can be subject to strong currents but we use our local knowledge and expertise to ensure a safe dive. 

FRINGING REEF: Dominated by hard coral, they grow on an originally sandy bottom and demonstrate extremely high biodiversity. 

MANGROVES: Tidal currents, wave action, river flow and salinity gradients affect sedimentation in various complex ways. Here it is possible to find sponges, flatworms, snails, and small fish that live around the mangrove roots. The seagrass in front of each mangrove forest provides food for the dugongs.

coral eye diving center

Our new dive center has a terrace right on the beach and a wet room where each guest has his own space to store the diving equipment.

We prefer to focus on small groups (max 4 divers per guide) to guarantee a highly individual service. Our local guides have a wealth of experience in diving the waters around Bangka Island!


Diving trips

Leaving at 8 in the morning, our boats will take you out for two dives. Dive sites are selected according to weather conditions.

You will find your equipment already assembled and our staff will take care of it when you will be back.

We will provide you with fresh water, hot coffee&tea and snacks. Just bring your towel and sunblock!

Afternoon dives are possible by boat or from the jetty; night dives from the jetty are usually organized around 6.30pm.

Diving is possible all year around, but the best time is from April to November. The water is normally around 28° to 29° with some cold upwellings (24°to 26°), especially during summer. The visibility is mostly very good (30mt) in summer, decreasing in winter due to the action of waves and rain.


Our two diving boats have been built by hand from our local carpenters and have been designed to offer the best comfort to scuba divers with an easy back-roll entry.

They are equipped with sun deck and a shaded area that can easily accomodate six/eight divers each.

Each boat is provided with security equipment (O2, first aid kit, life jackets, VHF radio)


Our rental shop is equipped with modern SCUBAPRO scuba diving equipment.

Due to a limitate number of full-set, please let us know in advance if you need to rent any diving gear.

We provide 12lt aluminium cylinders with INT connections. 

To minimize our impact on the natural ecosystem, gloves are not allowed.


As qualified divers, you are responsible for your own and your buddy’s safety during the dive, that’s why you will be requested to have a personal dive computer.

We strongly recommend travelling with diving insurance that can cover medical expenses, emergency medical evacuations, hyperbaric treatments and more.

From 2020 it will be mandatory to be covered by diving insurance and dive with a computer in order to dive with us.

You can easily get insured for the period you need by clicking on the button below or we’re happy to help once you get here.

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Cover photo by Alex Varani

Jump off the jetty and explore the Coral Eye house reef! Just below the surface you can find stunning coral gardens and fascinating locations that wait to be explored with fins and a mask.

You can swim for approximately 1 km along the reef to Busa Bora Village, or swim the other direction to discover spectacular mangroves where different marine environments are uncovered with the tidal flow.

Want to explore more? 

We can organize a half or full day snorkeling trip with a guide around Bangka Island, taking you to hidden beaches for a break and giving you the chance to discover the surrounding nature. 

land exploration

land exploration

Coral Eye is nestled between a lush tropical jungle and a long, white, sandy beach shared with some local fishermen and their families.

There are no roads on the island, but it is possible to trek through the jungle to visit the fishing village of Lihunu, or walk along the beach and reach the small village of Busa Bora. Keep your eyes open to see typical animals of this area like parrots, tarsier, cuscus, and monitor lizards.

We can organize a range of daily activities for nature lovers for a perfect and diverse holiday in North Sulawesi.



This reserve retains exceptional stands of very old trees and a variety of animal life that is simply amazing. Tarsius (the smallest known primates), black tailless monkeys, maleo birds and kuskus (marsupials) are often spotted by the park guide. 



In between two active volcanoes (Lokon and Mahawu), this area has a lot to offer: trekking to the top of the peaks will both challenge and reward with spectacular views. Travellers can enjoy a Minhasa meal on the banks of Tondano Lake or a coffee break on Linow Lake. There is the infamous market of Tomohon too, for those that have the guts! 



Cover photo by Bernard Hermant

Massage has been an intrinsic part of Indonesian culture for centuries.

The traditional massage “pijat” is used mainly for relaxing and toning, using medium kneading on the muscles. Meet our massage therapist at the SPA corner and experience the benefits that a professional massage has to offer. 



Cover Photo JD Mason

Yoga is for everyone. 

The word “yoga” comes from Sanskrit and it means: to connect, to integrate, to bond, to control. It’s the connection of body, emotions and mind with our soul. It's awareness of awakening that brings you into the present moment, the only place where life exists. 

It’s not an abstract philosophy, it's action.


sunset yoga CLASSES (on request)

Ilaria has studied Hata Yoga since 2003 but fell in love with Iyengar Yoga in 2010. She graduated from Flyhigh Yoga in Bali (a branch of Iyengar) and started to teach in 2015. This particular discipline is focused on perfect body alignment and breath control. Poses are held for long periods (from 30 seconds to two minutes) and props such as blankets, blocks or chairs are used to adjust postures to individual needs. Her classes are for all levels of yoga experience.


Coral Eye is the perfect place to host yoga and meditation retreats. The big terrace on the first floor of the main building is a wonderful setting to dedicate to the practice of this discipline. To guarantee the exclusive use of this structure, we usually require a booking of at least ten people. Contact us for further information.